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For schools

We believe in the centrality of the school, and in empowering the youngest to understand the world through contemporary languages. If you are a school principal or a teacher at any grade level, get in touch and we can co-design lectures and workshops to introduce students to the audiovisual production and image education.

Finance and administration consulting in film production

We are well familiar with Italy’s complex bureaucracy: if you are a local or foreign producer, get in touch and we can assist you in breaking down and managing budgets, financial plans, and/or all the bureaucratic and fiscal paperwork of a film production.

Strategic co-design

We love words in all their forms, including their ability to translate your creative ideas into strategic analysis and answers to local, national, and European calls for ideas in culture and audiovisual production. We can help you find the most effective ones for your submissions.

Administrative paperwork for events and entertainment

Behind every event, show, and complex project there is a trickle of technical and bureaucratic fulfillment that we can work with you so you can focus on the creative dimension of your initiative.


Drop us a message and tell about your next project!