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Who we are

We are a cultural and film production company based in Bologna. We met a long time ago, when we were really young. Now we are young Italian-style, and we have been working together for more than 20 years. We founded Articolture when it was not common to establish companies in the cultural and creative field, because we wanted to turn our passion into a profession: we succeeded.
We combine creative, technical and managerial skills to follow all stages of the production of an idea and to provide a wide range of services associated with or associating with culture and entertainment: we still move in front of a work of art, but we know how to handle numbers and bureaucracies. We never thought of ourselves as artists, however, we know how to help artists change the world, and where we don’t get there alone, comes our network of friends and collaborators, who are an integral part of our Bottega.

Our people doing things



Fabrizio Tito Cabitza

From Sardinia. Artistic director and problem solver, he combines empirical knowledge of the theater, music and film industries with a unique sensitivity in relating to people, having the right intuition and fixing everything. In Articolture he oversees the executive production of all kinds of projects.

Chiara Galloni


Stefania Marconi


Ivan Olgiati


Valentina Ferretti


Giulia Moscatelli


Elisa Serravalli


Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari


What about the wheelbarrow?

Our story began in 2002, when one of the most famous Italian punk singers and underground culture histrionic figures, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, launched a workshop/three-year training program about contemporary art and creativity. He selected us to be part of his “Bottega di Musica e Comunicazione”, supported by a local Bank Foundation – Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna. From those years on, we carry with us many projects, many affections, and many clashes, but above all one lesson: the world is complex and it should never be trivialized.
In 2009, as Bottegai we decided to become Articoltori: a neologism that plays on our company name. It highlights our artisan’s passion and daily care for every detail of our job, combined with our willingness to get our hands dirty in letting our projects grow in a constantly changing context. That is why we have been cultivating culture for 20 years, and without the wheelbarrow we would struggle a lot more.

If you mispronounce our name, don’t worry: we are collecting the most creative mispronunciations, and yours might be the best!

Work with us!

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