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We are culturally engaged

We are culturally committed and we have been for a long time: for us, culture is a serious thing, giving shape and meaning to the world around us, but it needs care and long horizons. That is why we have been exploring different arts and languages since 2002, with a great ability to take root in the territories, cultivating a wide and transversal network of relationships, which nourishes our ideas and always brings new ones. We are contemporary artisans of everything we design and/or create: we put study, passion and attention to the smallest details, proposing unique solutions for each project.

Stop evolving: the only thing we will never learn.

Scuola di Ecologia Politica in Montagna

An urgently needed moment of education, research and action to understand the inseparable relationship between man and the environment.

Bologna la selva turrita

The most fascinating and mysterious architectural element at the center of a vertical cultural project that plays and reflects on the stories related to the “Selva Turrita.”


With happy memories of your kindness.


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