Fabrizio Tito Cabitza


From Sardinia. Creative director and problem solver, he combines empirical knowledge of theater, music and film with a unique sensitivity in relating to people, so he always comes up with the ultimate idea. He oversees the executive production of any kind of project for Articolture. He loves being hands-on. Despite his vast technical knowledge, he despises being referred to as technical.

Chiara Galloni


From Emilia-Romagna. She feeds on management and culture. Her role in Articolture is managing film production and design, communication and external relations. She loves bringing together apparently incompatible worlds and people, and pushing the borders of society, of this sector and of her own mind, to create social value. She can't stand botched tasks and doors that don’t shut smoothly.

Stefania Marconi


From Trentino-Alto Adige. A cultural economist who combines the precision of numbers and norms to her passion for art, history and beauty. At Articolture she is in charge of planning, organization and law. She loves studying and using her time wisely. She hates being told that she is touchy (because she’s aware of it) and that AC Milan has lost a match.

Ivan Olgiati


From Liguria. Trained as a musicologist and anthropologist but fascinated by cinema, he gives his all to the ongoing dialogue between the seventh art and industry. At Articolture, he is in charge of film production and any economic, financial nor strategic aspect is beyond his reach. He loves when everything adds up, and not just referring to numbers. He can't stand the mess his colleagues seem to create around him.

Valentina Ferretti


Originally from Liguria but settled in Emilia -  Communication and production are the key words of her professional background. At Articolture she oversees the executive production of events and festivals, logistics and organization. She loves music, cinema, contemporary art and their possible connections. She hates being pigeonholed as a creative as much as she hates wasting time.

Giulia Moscatelli


From Tuscany. She tries to apply the rigidity of semiotic structures to the unpredictability of art. She loves all genres of cinema, from Drama to Porn (but strictly art house!) In fact, at Articolture she handles audiovisual production, including all the unappealing administrative and bureaucratic aspects. She can't stand cucumbers.

Sofia Murari


From Veneto. Her humanistic background reflects her love for the Italian language and its storytellers. She lives on books, movies and TV shows. She is still fascinated by the press, where her career started, at Articolture she mainly deals with communication, but her curiosity and availability are unending. She despises spelling mistakes and Indesign.

Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari


From Emilia-Romagna. A maestro of composition and singing, an old-fashioned rock star who creates soundtracks and music for cinema at Articolture. There are too many things he can’t stand to list them here.

Elisa Seravalli


From Friuli-Venezia Giulia. She handles everything that has to do with video design with feminine elegance and mountain-bred charisma. Mapping, editing and animations are her bread and butter. She has a soft spot for precision and a problem with bungled plans.


We have been described as a "network based" model by University scholars. We see ourselves more as pursuing a path with friends who share a similar approach to life and work, and occasionally the dinner table.

Art & sound is the newborn recording studio that our own Giovanni Frezza has opened together with Fabio Vassallo. They handle anything that has to do with sound: direct capture, stage sound, post-production and Foley, as well as building the soundproof walls of the studio itself, which is located inside our workshop.

One of the best graphic studios on the market: Emanuele Centola aka Emmaboshi is synonymous with courage and elegance, prompt design and production. Skilled in all mediums and formats, he is our go-to pro when it comes to creating a visual of an idea.

Project & Communication - Patrizia Pinciroli and her girls – who have believed in us since… day one. We work with these professionals in medical-health training to raise awareness and promote the culture of health.

He may be known to some as Combo, to others as El Garaje, but Miguel Gatti is simply an icon of the Bolognese landscape just like its hills and towers. For anything cinema and beyond, if you need a green-screen, a gaffer, a tool, a van or a meat barbecue, he’s your man. And this man always comes with a smile, which is no small feat.